A little history lesson

After over a decade working in Legal Services Duncan decided clients deserved a clearer and more accessible way to deal with their affairs than was available and was the founding partner.

Nicola enjoyed nearly 30 years in customer care for major high street brands and a local authority, before retraining and has now been partner for three years.


Together they have worked hard to make things accessable and JARGON FREE

This subject is difficult enough without all the long words, so we want to keep it simple for you to get the best advice and understand it.


RISK FREE- all families have to be prudent and fear of cost often puts people off even getting advice. That is why ALL our consultations are FREE and have no obligation.


Whilst we work mainly in Leicestershire and Rutland we can cover most of England and Wales by referral.










We are passionate about providing people with the knowledge to protect themselves, their families, savings and homes.


We have many years of experience in this field and sadly have first hand knowledge of how lack of planning can seriously affect families because it affected ours.


Whatever your circumstances, we are here for you, your children, and your childrens children too.