When the time comes

Very few of people understand the care system and processes. More often than not, they suddenly need to be experts at the most difficult of times, when a loved one is in need of help.


Many times these are unplanned events, resulting from a sudden hospital admission, placing increasing urgency on decisions to be made.


We are delighted to be able to introduce the services of the Care Advice Centre based in Oakham.


They can assist you and your family in navigating your way through the processes, often saving the families significant funds.


Claims can be made retrospectively too, even if care has commenced or is completed.


We only introduce other professionals when we truely beleive they can make a difference to your family.


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Care Advice Centre

Aleisha White founder of The Care Advice Centre

is an Independant Social Worker providing help with:

NHS continuing healthcare claims

Arranging care at home

Care home selection and Care funding

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