Lasting Power of Attorney

As we get older we all begin to rely on or families more for support. More so if we are one of the many hundreds of thousands affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia or strokes. Many assume their family or friends will be able to deal with monetary matters on their behalf.

Everyone is shocked to hear even a spouse has no rights if someone loses mental capacity.

The Law is clear, only a Judge can decide who is appropriate.


This upsetting situation happens daily around the UK. Families finding out too late that a Court of Protection hearing will be needed. Forcing them to take legal advice to regain control over their loved one. This can cost thousands of pounds and many precious months of heartache.

There is only one way to stop this.

A Lasting Power of Attorney Financial Decisions


Similarly you might think that if you become too old or too frail to look after yourself that your children, spouse or relatives will have the right to decide how you might best be looked after.

You would be wrong.

The Local Authority have a Statutory Duty of Care over you. If they believe you are a danger to yourself, or your circumstances present a danger to you, they can remove you from your home and place you where they decide is best.

They do not need to consult with anyone in your family.

There is only one way to stop this.

A  Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Care Decisions

(probably the most important documents of all)

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