(not all Wills are the same)

Wills and Trusts

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Well done for getting this far at least 60% of people don't!


Making a start is fantastic but where to start?


Some will go onto the Internet some will go to their Union or perhaps a Bank and some will pop out to the post office and get one of those packs, even Tesco's sell them. But they come with enormous risk.


We will show you why most people would never use one of these documents if they knew what the outcome might be.


Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer NO to any of them then you should get a professional consultation. If you choose the right professional that consultation should cost you nothing.


Should your spouse or partner remarry after your passing would you want their new partner to inherit what is yours?


Would you want a child from a prior relationship losing their inheritance to your second family?


Would you like your child's inheritance to be lost in their divorce?


Would you want an addicted child to be left to manage their own inheritance?


Would you like your Local Authority to take money from your estate without any challenge at all?


Would you like your child inheritance to be lost to HMRC in unnecessary tax?


Would you want estranged family making claims on your estate?